Camera & Capture – Sport shoot ( 8 / 11)

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PART 1 – Sports shoot: Above are my two inspirational images, I have chosen to do my sport shoot on yoga. I think the use of black and white in these two images make them more striking, it really highlights the subjects shape. I don’t see any challenges in getting these photographs shot. The top image is of a masculine person posing in the dark, with soft lighting, highlighting the pose. The second image if shown in colour would definitely not have had the same effect, but looks quite simple with the contrasting colours of the sky behind the silhouette of the subject, posing on a simple, clean stretch of grass.

Photographers equipment list: Having chosen to do my shoot on yoga, I will set my equipment up at the back of the classroom, then the front. The equipment i will be using is my tripod, camera, zoom lens and speed light, as the lighting in the room is quite dark.










My images – My daughter Jess, has done gymnastics, and found the poses a bit of fun. I shot these in my spare room, and used various effects on them.


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